Western Box


The Western Box is specifically curated for use in cooking western style meals such as roast vegetables, salads, stews or soups. It contains a number of essential ingredients such as carrots, onion and celery for making a Mirepoix or Soffritto as a base for many dishes such as bolognese, pot pies, or vegetable broth along with carefully selected and paired greens such as broccoli and cauliflower.



Broccoli 2pc
French Beans 300g
White Button Mushroom 200g
Tomato 500g
Celery 1Bunch
Beetroot 3pc
Carrot Aust 3pc
Potatoes Washed (Red Skin) 1kg
Zucchini Green 2pc
Mesclun Salad Mix 300g
Capsicum Trio 1each
Onion White 3pc
Garlic 1Bag
Kiwi Fruit (Green) 4pc
Avocado (L) 4pc
Dragon Fruit White 2pc
Banana 1 bunch